Oxford Community Schools had 6 FLL teams for the 2016-2017 season.

If you are a coach, mentor, parent, or student of one of the OCS junior robotics teams, you should have access to this Basecamp group: https://3.basecamp.com/3545441/projects/2620705 If you cannot view this group, email katie.fallon.robotics@gmail.com .

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FLL History (if you have any information on the history of our FIRST teams, please email katie.fallon.robotics@gmailcom )
The Lego Legends (17095)
Unknown (19655)
Rockin Robots (20431)

Lego Magic (9638)


TORC presented and demonstrated its robots at the day long “Share Your Talents” event at Oxford Elementary School. This event reached over 300 students. TORC met with Oxford Elementary Principal, Jeff Brown to discuss supporting FLL teams in his school. Mr. Brown was encouraged to learn that TORC would seek “sister-sponsors” for his teams. TORC also provided student mentors to the OES teams as requested.

Clear Lake Elementary FLL
Recyclable Brains (12857)
They are focused this year on the mission and project.

2014<br clear=”none” />Mechanical Brains (12857)<br clear=”none” /> This rookie team worked hard this year! They worked on the task at hand, <br clear=”none” /> and did well for a first year team!<br clear=”none” /> ~Attended ThunderQuest


<br clear=”none” /> 1 team<br clear=”none” />
TORC met with the Clear Lake Elementary mentors in 2012 to assess their <br clear=”none” /> needs.<br clear=”none” /> TORC is providing the following as requested:<br clear=”none” /> NXT Lego kit – to allow for an additional FLL team to be formed.<br clear=”none” /> Student mentors<br clear=”none” /> <br clear=”none” />
<br clear=”none” /> Food Army (10888)<br clear=”none” />
Clear Lake team 1 and Clear Lake team 2

Leonard Elementary School FLL”]
2015<br clear=”none” />Gearheads (22121)

2014<br clear=”none” />Team Caramel (13847)<br clear=”none” />Super Bot Extreme (13845)<br clear=”none” />Executrons (4224)

2013<br clear=”none” />Leonard Force (18285)<br clear=”none” /> ~Attended Sharkfest<br clear=”none” /> ~Attended States<br clear=”none” />Leonard Hurricanes (3346)

2012<br clear=”none” />Leonard Legos (14583)

<img class=”size-medium wp-image-2881″ src=”http://torc2137.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/03/Wes-Mentors-at-Leonard-elementary-300×218.jpg” alt=”Wes at Leonard Elementary” width=”300″ height=”218″ /> Wesley at Leonard Elementary

Leonard Elementary sent a mentor to a meeting with TORC to assess their needs for JrFLL support. Joining the Oxford <em>FIRST</em> Family, Leonard was helped in many ways by TORC.
<li>TORC provided three student mentors</li>
<li>TORC constructed their game field</li>
<li>TORC garnered t-shirt donations for their team</li>
<li>TORC provided a Lego NXT kit</li>
<img class=”size-medium wp-image-2880″ src=”http://torc2137.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/03/TORC-Austin-Mentors-Leonard-Elementary-Team-300×193.jpg” alt=”TORC – Austin Mentors Leonard Elementary Team” width=”300″ height=”193″ /> TORC – Austin Mentors Leonard Elementary Team

Leonard Elementary Leopards
~Placed in the top eight in the qualifying event, attended States

[toggle title=”Lakeville Elementary FLL”]
2015<br clear=”none” />Lakeville Lego Bots &amp; Blocks (22103)[/toggle]

Oxford C.A.T.S
~Placed first at qualifying event, awarded Best Robot Design and Performance