Oxford Community Schools is proud to offer and support robotics teams available to any of our students from DK to 12th grade! Click here to learn more about our partner, the FIRST program.

There are 4 different programs:

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FIRST Lego League Junior (FLL Jr.)

Each year FIRST issues a new Challenge. Teams receive:
● Inspire Set – a small Lego construction set, which is tied to the yearly challenge theme
● Engineering Notebooks – a workbook for each student
● Team Meeting Guide – a lesson guide and helpful resources for the coach
A team is comprised two coaches and no more than six students. This team is tasked with researching the theme, exploring engineering design principles, and building a model on a 15”x15” base plate which includes the Inspire Set, a simple machine, and a small programmable robot. FLL Jr. uses a combination of Lego pieces; basic, Technic, and WeDo kit.
Once their project is complete, the team summarizes their project in a “Show Me” poster which includes information on the team, their model, the theme, and their research.
The FLL Jr. typically begins meeting in August, with the challenge released in the first week. Teams are encouraged to try to schedule 12 weeks of meetings prior to the season capstone event of the FLL Jr. Expo in November or early December.

FIRST Lego League (FLL)

Each year FIRST issues a new challenge. Teams receive a field kit, which includes:
● 4’x8’ plastic mat
● Mission models – The number of models change yearly. Each model is a small Lego construction set.
A team is comprised two coaches and no more than ten students. This team designs, builds and programs an Lego EV3 robot to navigate across the field mat and complete their missions. The team also prepares poster and an oral presentation describing their robot program code.
Throughout the season the team learns and practices the FIRST Core Values. The team will prepare a poster of how they applied the Core Values to their season. This exercise helps to prepare the students for a challenge they will participate in at their qualifying event.
The team is tasked with researching and presenting a solution to the themed problem. They then create a poster, which includes information on the team, their research, and their solution. The team also prepares an oral presentation of their solution.
Teams form in May and June, and begin off season meetings over the summer. They are then ready for kick-off when the Challenge is released at the end of August. Qualifying events are held in November and December, with District Championships in December. The World Championship is held in April.

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FIRST Tech Challenge (FTC)

The middle school teams are comprised of two coaches and no more than 15 students, who are issued a robotic challenge by FIRST. They will design, fabricate, and program a robot to compete on a 12’x12’ field, competing against other robots in an alliance format. An FTC alliance is created between two different teams, who will pair together in competition against another alliance. The teams actually compete against the challenge and not one another, in a show of Coopertition.
The teams create an Engineering Notebook in lieu of posters.
Teams form in May and June, and begin off season practice over the summer. They practice their programming, fabricating, and other essential skills. Season kick-off is normally the second Saturday in September. Qualifying Events are held in November and December. The Regional championship events are in December, with Super Regionals held in March. The World Championship is then in April.

FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC)

The high school team is The Oxford RoboCats, TORC 2137.
FRC creates a large robot to compete on a 20’x60’ field, competing in an alliance format. An alliance at the high school level is comprised of three robots.
The FRC team meets weekly year round, but actively meets from January to the end of April. Season kickoff is the first Saturday in January each year. There are qualifying events in February and March.
District Championships are held in April, as is the World Championship.